Our customers are always right. We listen to what our Principals, seafarers, applicants and other suppliers say about us to improve the way we do business.



Online Recruitment Process

Applicants are provided easy facility to submit their comprehensive resume at or [email protected] Applicants are given feed back at the maximum of seven (7) working days.

Rotation Plan

Current crewmembers are assured of return schedule by the Principals on a first-in first-out scheme.

Visa Assistance

Once contracted, new and old crewmembers are assisted by the company to secure US visa and other visas pertinent to their employment for free.

Training Assistance

New crewmembers are assisted by the company to secure trainings at discounted rates while present crewmembers duly endorsed by their Principals are for free.

Referral System

As an incentive to our loyal seafarers, referrals are given priority.

Career counseling and Promotion

Goldencareer offers equal opportunity to everyone. We encourage and fully support seafarers to undergo career advancement. Fred Olsen Cruise Lines provides financial assistance to qualified Deck and Engine ratings.

Pre-medical screening

Golden Career gives free Pre-medical screening for successful applicants


Timely and Regular Remittance

We remit thru bank the monthly allotment, ALWAYS every end of the month with minimal bank charge only.

Pre-Departure Cash Advance

Golden Career gives 50% of the seafarer’s basic pay as pre-departure cash advance . The cash advance is deducted once seafarer is onboard.

Extra Remittance

While onboard, seafarers may send extra allotment to their loved ones at no charge at all.

Seniority Pay

Golden Career grants Seniority pay (in accordance to the vessel’s CBA)



Families can drop off their letters and packages to Golden Career for free delivery to their loved ones onboard.

Family Assistance Center

Golden Career is not only after the professional well-being of the crew, we also provide assistance on certain social issues concerning their families and loved ones.

Protection and Indemnity

Insurance claims , hospitalization needs are properly coordinated with the vessels, P&I and accredited medical clinics for the seafarer’s insurance coverage.

Service Award

Yearly, we recognize the loyalty of our seafarers by giving commemorative plaques, watches and rings to those who have been with us in 02,03, 04or 05 years.

Healthcare service

In partnership with Radical Hospital Limited, Golden Career is giving P20,000.00 worth of medical package for the crewmember’s dependents under the “use now pay later scheme”.

Financial Assistance Program

Golden Career provides financial assistance to crewmembers in need under the allotment deduction scheme.





Crew Management

  • Monthly Rotation Plan
  • Appraisal Reports
  • Accounting Services
  • Communication
  • Crew Traveling
  • Victualing Services
  • Crew Welfare


Qualitative and Tailor-Made Training for all types of ships, Nautilus Training Center / Transas Simulator


  • Competitive Crew Wages
  • Recruiting expenses
  • Clothing
  • Cadetship Programs

Other Services

  • Primary Insurance (P&I)
  • Claims Handling
  • Legal Assistance

ITF/IBF Agreement

Ocean Marine Service (OMS) in one of the reputed organization for Ship Supply, Ship Repair, Marine Spare parts supply, Marine Machinery & equipment supplier Gas and Fuel Oil Generator Repair and Maintenance, as well as Exporter Company at Chittagong port, Bangladesh.

Today, OceanMarine services enjoy an enviable reputation with the various National and international ship Managers, ship spares buyers through Commitment and efficient services.

The company Ocean marine Services of Chittagong, Bangladesh engaged in

  • ship chandlery
  • ship supply
  • bunker brokers & suppliers
  • ship repair services
  • ship stores & equipment
  • marine lubricants supply
  • fresh provision supply
  • ship spare parts
  • marine engine
  • marine diesel generator
  • air compressor
  • oily water separator
  • Hydraulic motor
  • hydraulic pump
  • anchor & chain
  • fresh water generator
  • hydraulic & electric motor
  • navigational and electronics equipment
  • catering equipment
  • chemical services & products
  • radio repairs & servicing
  • radio VHF/UHF portable systems
  • telecommunication equipment
  • electric motor/ generator repairs
  • marine engine repair
  • motor repair
  • piston rings
  • shaft generator
  • shafting equipment
  • cylinder covers
  • cylinder liners
  • engineering services
  • heat exchanger servicing
  • hose connection & fittings
  • hydraulic control systems
  • hydraulic motors
  • pneumatic equipment
  • centrifugal pumps & engine pistons
  • steam turbine repairs
  • turbocharger repairs
  • turbocharger spare parts
  • mooring equipment
  • propeller equipment
  • propeller shafting
  • propulsion equipment
  • wire ropes
  • polypropylene ropes
  • safety appliances
  • breathing apparatus
  • fire detection systems & alarms
  • fire extinguishers
  • firefighting equipment
  • fire protection equipment
  • GMDSS equipment
  • lifeboat emergency supply
  • lifeboat repairs
  • medical equipment
  • life raft maintenance
  • safety equipment
  • safety measuring & control equipment & Systems
  • tanker services tank cleaning equipment
  • tank cleaning services
  • tank repairs
  • tank washing equipment
  • ship machine tools
  • towage & salvage
  • towing equipment
  • valve repairs
  • waste disposal
  • boiler etc. ship construction
  • electric power plant installation and maintenance works

Seaman's Preparation

GGCSI, offered the following services to our seafarers and these are:

  1. U.S. Visa Application (Contact Info.)
  2. Flag Application (Contact Info.)    
    • b.1. Liberia    
      b.2. Panama    
      b.3. Marshall Island    
      b.4. Malta    
      b.5. St. Vincent
  3. Other Visa Applications (Contact Info.)
  4. Crew Recruitment
  5. Trainings (STCW 2010) (Contact Info.)    
    • e.1. General Tanker Familiarization    
      e.2. Shore-Based Fire Fighting    
      e.3. Ratings forming Part of Navigational Watch    
      e.4. Ratings Forming Part of Engineering Watch    
      e.5. Consolidated Marpol 73/78    
      e.6. Radar Simulator Course    
      e.7. Radar, ARPA Bridge Teamwork and Search and Rescue    
      e.8. Dangerous, Hazardous and Harmful Cargoes    
      e.9. Specialized Training fro Oil Tankers   
      e.10. Security Awareness Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties    
      e.11. Operational Use of Electronic Chart Display and Information System    
      e.12. Specialized Training for Chemical Tankers    
      e.13. Ship Safety Officer Course (SSOC)    
      e.14. Management Level Course    
      e.15 Specialized training in Liquefied Gas Tankers
  6. Trainings (In-House Training) (Contact Info.)
    • f.1. Management of Change - Deck and Engine Officer    
      f.2. Bunkering Operation - Engine Officers and Ratings    
      f.3. Energy Conservation - Deck and Engine Officers    
      f.4. Voyage Planning - Deck Officers    
      f.5. Steering Course - AB, OS, MMN and Deck Cadet    
      f.6. Oil Record Book - Deck and Engine Senior Officers    
      f.7. Ship Safety Officer Course - Deck Officers    
      f.8. Shiphandling and Maneuvering - Deck Officers    
      f.9. Gas Measurement - Deck and Engine Officers including P/Man    
      f.10. Incident Investigation - Deck and Engine Officers    
      f.11. Marine Risk Assessment - Deck and Engine Officers including Ratings