Corporate Values

Golden Career Ship Management Strive for:

Reliability, professionalism, respect of client’s needs - We endeavor to meet and exceed customer expectation, employees as well as our partners in the global maritime industry.

Our company is confident and capable of maintaining a steady level of business, which we can boast that lead to a deeper relationship, assurance and trust among our partners, customers and employees.

We make strenuous effort to strengthen, develop our Corporate Values to place a significant role and serve as a paradigm throughout the Maritime Industry.

Our Prospective - To expand and achieve our goal through the highest level in particular of maintaining and acquiring prestigious partner in crewing and other related maritime business globally.

Golden Career Ship Management Value for:

Employee our most valuable asset - Global Seaway strongly believes that combining the talent and qualities of our employees in a unique way is a contributory factor of increasing corporate value. Hence, we support our employee’s development, innovation and we continuously strive to cultivate talents and skills beneficial to the organization. To achieve individual growth our organization specifically.

  • Fostering a fun work environment to kindle innovation
  • Listening to employees ideas, suggestion and consider as critical to business
  • Awarding and rewarding employees appropriately to serve as a great success motivator

Our valuable resource - Golden Career Ship Management customers is also our valuable resource, we manage our customer in a dignified manner as a result of maintaining good business relationship among our partners. Through the years of providing a redefine services that continuously meet and exceed their expectation our organization had manage to;

  • Retain our customers
  • Building trust and loyalty among our partners
  • Providing the most reliable information that our customer actually want
  • Creating a long term mutual benefit with a common goal of sustained growth and prosperity

Our Technology - Golden Career Ship Management , understand and identify its customer needs and for a fast, reliable and efficient tools of services, our organization had manage to develop and adopt a new high level of technology from Operations to Accounting Department. Our organization is committed to continue to develop new ideas to timely recognition our client changing needs. Our people in addition to our technology will ensure of maintaining the highest standard of quality and can handle the most complex process of services.

Our Quality - We continuously enhance our products and services. Our organization is committed to quality and with our products and services, we ensure the proper implementation of our organization’s Quality Management System (QMS), which mainly defines our organizational structure, procedures, process, services and resources. Global Seaways, QMS is tended to converge with sustainability and transparency in meeting customer requirements and ensuring quality in all dealings with our customers that lead to continuous growth, improvement and customer satisfaction.