Our Goal

The company aims to provide the best quality service in the field. It will abide by the guiding rules and standards being imposed in conformity with pertinent government rules and regulations, conscious of the latest convention requirements of the International Maritime Organization. It will provide valued employers/principal with excellent and professional services in the proper evaluation and selection of seafarers based on the following criteria:

a) Competence

b) Experience and if require proper training

c) Sound Health - (Physically and Psychologically)

d) Personality - (Honest, Industrious, Trustworthy and Drug Free)

How to Apply for Job?

Register as a Qualified Mariner
Register with us today if you are a qualified mariner with proper documentation and looking for a job on a foreign going ship.

Update Your CV
After successful registration, update your CV and let us know the position you are applying for.

Submit an Application
After updating your CV, our team will review it and contact you if you meet the requirements.