Crew Selection


With utmost care, the selection and hiring of the seafarers are conducted by us, while the medical examination is administered by an accredited medical clinic thoroughly. We ensure that only physically and psychologically qualified seafarers are sent to the Principal's vessels.



As soon as the seafarers are ready, we will communicate with the Principal to send the plane tickets if needed, either by PTA or by the Principal sending the cash equivalent of the airfare. Once the plane tickets are received, we will deploy the seafarers as soon as possible to meet the vessel's requirements and avoid delay.

How to Apply for Job?

Register as a Qualified Mariner
Register with us today if you are a qualified mariner with proper documentation and looking for a job on a foreign going ship.

Update Your CV
After successful registration, update your CV and let us know the position you are applying for.

Submit an Application
After updating your CV, our team will review it and contact you if you meet the requirements.